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ARRL Handbook 2021

In six volumes (not boxed)
Non members R2200

SARL and Amsat members

Also available  in soft cover in one volume

Non members R2000

SARL and AMSAT SA members R1600

    New Projects and Content:

  • PIN diode RF switching circuits
  • A new section on transverters
  • An updated discussion of waveguides
  • A new section on soldering tools
  • Antenna tuner troubleshooting techniques
  • An updated discussion of the latest digital modes — FT8, FT4, and MSK144
  • New feed line choke designs for receiving and transmitting
  • Updated CAD software from Tonnesoft


Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners

Outer Space is Your Next Radio Frontier!


You can make contacts through amateur radio satellites, and even with the International Space Station, using equipment you probably own right now! All it takes is the right information, which you’ll find in Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners.

There are dozens of spacecraft in orbit just waiting for your signals, and more are being launched every year. This book is your guide to a whole new world of operating enjoyment. Inside you will:

  • Be able to locate satellites and determine when they will be available in orbit.
  • Gain tips for building your own “satellite station” – even if it’s just a dual-band FM transceiver and a mobile antenna.
  • Find a simple step-by-step guide to making your first contacts.
  • Discover satellite antenna projects you can build at home.

Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners will introduce you to new experiences that you may have thought were out of your reach. Start reading and discover how easy it can be!

Now available R 400 SARL and AMSAT  SA members R350. Postnet to Postnet R120

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Get on the air with digital
The beginner’s guide to FT8, WSPR, PSK31, and more!
Now Including Popular Modes FT8 and WSPR!

Fully updated, the second edition of Get on the Air with HF Digital is a step-by-step guide that’ll get you started in the fascinating world of HF digital technology. Written in an easy to understand style, this book will show you how to set up and operate your own HF digital station. The text includes instructions for configuring software programs for popular modes such as PSK31, RTTY, FT8 and JT65. You’ll also learn about other digital communication modes such as MFSK, Olivia, PACTOR, and WSPR. It’s a fun and easy way for beginners to get on the air!

SARL/AMSAT SA R350 Non members R400

RSGB Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio

Written by New Zealand based author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW, 

Software Defined Radio covers a huge range of material. The use of SDR by radio amateurs is growing rapidly in popularity as they become aware of the great features and performance of this radio technology. This book covers how SDR works, and makes distinctions among the different types of software that are available. There are guides to buying SDR equipment, and featuring information on over 60 SDR radios. Explore SDR with CW, digital modes, contesting, EME, microwaves, satellites and much more.

Software Defined Radio is intended for radio amateurs, short wave listeners, and anyone interested in the future of this exciting and fast developing area of radio. No longer the domain of a few dedicated hackers and experimenters, this book is recommended reading for anyone interested in SDR, and considering the purchase of an SDR radio.

SARL/AMSAT R1300  Non-members R1500


--David Saltzberg, the science consultant for "Big Bang Theory”

You can contribute to big science as a radio amateur! Regardless of your experience and resources, as a ham radio operator you have what it takes to make a meaningful contribution to science and technology. You have a window into the universe not available to most people--as every physical phenomenon, from the galactic to the microscopic, interacts with radio in some manner. Radio Science for the Radio Amateur will lead you to horizons of scientific exploration and discovery.

Radio Science for the Radio Amateur explores and explains the often profound differences between science and technology, and dispels the notion that we know all there is to know about radio. Using a fresh, playful approach, Author Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, will guide you through some of the most fascinating “nooks and crannies” of the radio universe. Along the way, you’ll find out how solving long-standing mysteries of radio, of which there are still many, doesn’t require expensive hardware, but merely a scientific mindset and attention to detail.


SARL/AMSAT SA  R450 Non-members R500


24th Edition
Boxed set of 4 volumes

SARL/AMSATSA member R1800

Non members R2200

The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications has everything you need to design your own complete antenna system. Since 1939, it has maintained its place at the forefront of Amateur Radio technology—a single resource covering antenna theory, design and construction, and practical treatments and projects. In this edition, The ARRL Antenna Book describes hundreds of antenna designs: wire, vertical, portable and mobile, and new high-performance VHF/UHF Yagi designs.

Radio amateurs continue to make contributions to the state of the art in antenna design and construction. The available tools have grown in sophistication by leaps and bounds over the past years. Antenna modeling with the low-cost or free programs available to amateurs has completely changed antenna design and development. A large set of antenna models designed for use with EZNEC 6.0 demo software is included.

Updated to reflect the latest advances and technologies, this 23rd edition is full of antenna designs pioneered by dozens of radio amateurs:

New Projects

  • Multiband HF antennas from 160 through 10 meters
  • A simple omnidirectional satellite antenna system
  • More popular Moxon antenna projects on CD-ROM
  • Stealthy and portable antenna designs for home and away
  • New Information

  • How short vertical antennas affect the performance of antenna systems
  • New section on grounding and bonding, both key to effective station design and protection
  • Updated Propagation chapter now includes a discussion of MF and LF propagation
  • Expanded content on CD-ROM, including references and classic articles on antennas

CD-ROM Inside
Includes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, plus utility programs and supplemental content from expert contributors.The CD contains the following software applications for Windows. HFTA: a ray-tracing program designed to evaluate the effect of foreground terrain on the elevation pattern of up to four multi-element HF monoband Yagis in a stack. YW: A program designed to evaluate monoband Yagi antennas. TLW: A program to evaluate and model various transmission line matching conditions.

System Requirements: A fully searchable PDF version of this book is included for Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows® XP, as well as Macintosh® systems, using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software. The Acrobat Reader is a free download at PDF files are Linux readable. Utility programs are Windows® compatible, only. Some utilities have additional OS limitations and may not be compatible with 64-bit processors.

Price R2200

SARL and AMSAT SA members R1800



Short Antennas for 160 Meter Radio

Compact Antennas Are Possible on Top Band!

160 metres is known to radio amateurs as “top band.” However, 160-metre antennas can be large and difficult to install due to lack of available space.

Short Antennas for 160 Meter Radio dares to discuss the possibility of smaller antennas for this intriguing band. Intended for amateurs with advanced skills in antenna modeling, Grant Bingeman, KM5KG, walks you through the theory behind innovative designs for relatively compact antennas. You’ll learn how to enhance bandwidth, minimize loss, and employ other techniques to enjoy 160 meters with limited real estate.

  • Short Antenna Behaviour
  • A Better Way to Define Antenna Bandwidth
  • Why Top-loading Can Improve Short Antenna Performance
  • Top Hat Arrangements
  • Inverted Cone Antennas
  • Closed Antennas
  • Antennas with Two Driven Elements
  • T-shaped Antennas
  • Inverted L-shaped Antennas
  • Antennas with Four Driven Elements
  • Spiral Antennas
  • Small Horizontal Antennas
  • Quadrature Feed Arrangements

64 pages

Price R300

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R270

The ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners

Explore the design, construction and applications of the different types of antenna tuners.

Price R420

SARL and AMSAT SA members R380


ARRL's Small Antennas for Small Spaces

Antenna Solutions for Every Space!

Amateur Radio operators love antennas – the bigger the better -- but if you don’t have acres of property to erect the antenna of your dreams, does it mean you’re effectively off the air? Not at all! This fascinating hobby is still yours to enjoy. With the right antenna design you'll be on the air today!

ARRL’s Small Antennas for Small Spaces is a valuable resource for amateurs who live in apartments, condominiums, or houses on small lots. Filled with practical advice, this book guides you to finding the right antenna design to fit whatever space you have available. In Small Antennas for Small Spaces you’ll find ideas and projects that will get you on the air regardless of where you live!


  • Tips to Get You Started the Right Way
    Optimizing your limited-space station is about more than just building an antenna. Learn important tips about feed lines, SWR, RF amplifiers, operating modes and RF safety.
  • Indoor Antennas You Can Install this Weekend
    Design ideas and projects for VHF and HF antennas you can use inside your home.
  • Outdoor HF Antennas for Any Property
    Dipoles, inverted Ls, end-fed wires, loops, verticals and temporary antennas.
  • Outdoor Antennas for VHF and Beyond
    Compact omnidirectional and directional antennas you can install anywhere.
  • Creative Solutions
    A collection of limited-space antenna ideas from well-known amateurs, including the innovative Folded Skeleton Sleeve 40 and 20 Meter Dipole Antenna by QST Technical Editor Joel Hallas, W1ZR.
    …and more

Price R550

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R475

Hamradio for Arduino and Pixace

Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE

Where Ham Radio Meets Open-Source Electronics

Microcontroller technology has exploded in popularity among ham radio operators. The new generation of single-board microcontrollers is easier than ever to use, bringing together hardware and software for project-building radio amateurs can easily dive into. With inexpensive microcontroller platforms—such as the popular open-source Arduino board—readily available parts, components and accessory boards, the possibilities are limitless: beacon transmitters, keyers, antenna position control, RTTY and digital mode decoders, waterfall displays, and more.

Editor Leigh L. Klotz, Jr, WA5ZNU has assembled this first edition of Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE to help introduce you to the fun and rewards of experimenting with microcontrollers. Klotz and many other contributors have designed projects that will enhance your ham radio station and operating capabilities. Or, take it to the next step, using these projects as a launch pad for creating your own projects.


·         APRS Data Logger

·         QRSS Beacon

·         Multimode Transmitter Shield

·         High Voltage, High Frequency, and High Temperature Data Logger

·         Receive-Only, Low-Power APRS iGate

·         PICAXE Keyer and CW Beacon Keyer

·         Solar Tracker

·         Nanokeyer

·         Handheld Radio Talk Timer

·         APRS Messenger

·         DTMF Controlled SSTV Camera

·         APRS Display

·         Waterfall

·         SWR Scanner
…and more projects using the Arduino, PICAXE, and ATtiny microcontrollers

Price R750

SARL and AMSAT SA members R650


Wireless Microphone (Sunstep kit)

R150.00 ( PCB and parts)

Download instructions here (PowerPoint)

For the Satellite enthusiast

Price R700

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R600


Basic Radio

Understanding the key building blocks

Basic Radio is a comprehensive introduction to radio - what is does and how it does it. The text reveals the basic building blocks of radio: receivers, transmitters, antennas, propagation, radio navigation and radiolocation. The book also includes simple build-it yourself projects to turn theory into practice. Ideal book  in addition the RAE course. It take you beyond the vary basics.

Price R740

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R595


An introduction to antennas--basic concepts, practical designs, and easy-to-build antennas!


Price R740

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R640

Simple and Fun Antennas

by Chuck Hutchinson, K8CH and Dean Straw, N6BV

Lots and lots of real world, practical antennas you can BUILD YOURSELF!

  • ·        

Chapter 1: Your First VHF Antenna
Chapter 2: Your First HF Antenna
Chapter 3: Facts About Transmission Lines
Chapter 4: Antenna Masts and Supports
Chapter 5: HF Verticals
Chapter 6: More Simple and Fun Antennas for VHF and UHF
Chapter 7: More HF Dipoles
Chapter 8: Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antennas
Chapter 9: An HF Vertical That Needs No Radials--Try the HVD
Chapter 10: Yet More HF Dipoles
Chapter 11: More Facts About Feed Lines
Chapter 12: A Potpourri of Antenna Ideas
Chapter 13: VHF Beam Antennas
Chapter 14: Towers
Chapter 15: HF Beam Antennas
Chapter 16: Getting the Most Out of Your Antenna

Price R550

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R450

ON4UN's Low Band DXing

25 Years of Low Band Success!

The fifth edition features new and updated material. Highlights include…
…a thoroughly revised discussion of receiving antennas. You’ll discover how to greatly enhance their operational bandwidth. In addition, low-signal transformers for Beverages and other receive-only antennas are analysed in great detail, along with effective common-mode filters.
…a new examination of phased arrays, with new concepts such as the hybrid-fed 4-square array and opposite-voltage feed system. This is a must-read for every serious antenna builder!
…dozens of new propagation maps based on DX Atlas, as well as an in-depth analysis of the influence of sunspot cycles on 160-meter ducting.
…a new discussion of cutting edge technology including Software Defined Radio and the revolutionary LP-500 Digital Station Monitor.

  • Propagation
  • DXing on the Low Bands
  • Receiving and Transmitting Equipment
  • Antenna Design Software
  • Antennas: General, Terms, Definitions
  • The Feed Line and the Antenna
  • Receiving Antennas
  • The Dipole Antenna
  • Vertical Antennas
  • Large Loop Antennas
  • Phased Arrays
  • Other Arrays
  • Yagis and Quads
  • Low Band DXing from a Small Garden
  • From Low Band DXing to Contesting

CD-ROM included! The CD-ROM includes the entire book in a fully searchable PDF format as well as ON4UN’s software (Windows XP only), antenna modeling files, photographs and more.

Price R1080

SARL and AMSAT SA members R 950

Ocilloscopes for Radio Amateurs

Price R600

SARL and AMSAT SA Members R540

Propagation and Radio Science

Price R600

SARL and AMSAT SA members R550

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