Unlocking Amateur Radio Technology symposium 2019

Stellenbosch 12 April 2019


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  Unlocking Amateur Radio Technology Symposium is a SARL sponsored event and was supported by  RF Design, Comtest, F'Sati, Giga Technology and AMSAT SA. It was attended by over 60 delegates many travelling long distances.

The following papers were presented and by clicking on the link each PowerPoint presentation can be down loaded.

Keynote address: Lindsey Magnus  SKA

Head: Operations at the SKA . Download here


Software Defined Radio
Johan le Roux ZS1RX

How to use a dongle, install the software and many interesting applications with practical step for step demonstrations. Download here

The West Coast propagation phenomena

 Nasri Gasant  ZS1NAZ
The factors that drive Sporadic E propagation on VHF. The use of the Hepburn charts and other aids to predicts long distance VHF communication. The paper is supported by audio clips of actual long distance contacts. (NOT yet available)


Developing a VHF reverse beacon network

Brian Jacobs ZS6YZ
The Reverse Beacon Network has evolved to become a powerful tool with many Amateur Radio applications, mostly on the HF bands. The RBN concept also provides unique opportunities for real time propagation awareness on VHF and UHF. During his presentation Brian will demonstrate the concept with some practical examples
Download here


F’Sati’s  latest satellite
Leon  Steenkamp    F’SATI

Download here

Deep space communication        
Willie Koorts

Radio Astronomy in South Africa has its origins in Deep Space Station 5, originally built in 1961 as a tracking station for NASA's probes that were being sent to explore space beyond Earth orbit. Willie, co-author of the book “Sterre en Planete” is here to tell us how the modern deep space network, communicating with interplanetary probes, works.

Download here

Operating the first Amateur Radio Geostationary Satellite 

Anton Janovsky  ZR6AIC

How to set up a cost effective station,  or simple use one of the many remote stations to operate DX 24/7 on Qatar Oscar 100
Download here


The Morningstar Remote Station
Allan Saul ZS1LS

For radio amateurs living in areas with restrictions on the erecting of antennas, the Morningstar remote station allows operate DX operation with a difference. Accessing the station from your QTH remotely, provides you with access to an HF antenna system as if it was standing in your own back yard.
Download here


Understanding  WSPR and all the weak signals modes that culminated in FT8
Leon Lessing ZS6LMG

The story of  Nobel Laurate Joe Taylor K1JT, WSPR and all the other modes that support weak signals communication which culminated in FT8, a mode that has taken the DX and VHF world  by storm. A complicated digital technology simply explained and illustration getting you ready to take your amateur radio experience to a higher level.

Download here

Fire presentations:

The All Africa Award

Tjerk Lammers ZS6P/ZS1J

Download here


SARL RF Noise floor monitoring project

Hans v d Groenendaal ZS6AKV

Download paper  IARU Interim meeting in Vienna

Young people are our future taking a new approach

Nico van Rensburg ZS6QL

Download here